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Popular Game Uses


Anonymous Engagement in DEIBA Workshops

Gameplay provides a disarming interaction and the anonymity leads to more honest and open conversations surrounding difficult topics.

More Robust Conference Experience

Interspersed game activities provide a more comprehensive experience and can turn a monotonous conference into a memorable one.

Highly Interactive Town Hall-Style Events

For larger experiences with a lot of participants, our game activities provide structure, consistency, and a simple way for everyone to be and feel involved.

Ice Breaker 

Better prepare event-goers to participate by starting with and sprinkling engaging games throughout the conference experience.


Find and Prioritize 
New Ideas

Our games make it easy to collect, expand, and vote on ideas. It's the perfect way to hear every idea, collaborate and develop it, then prioritize to identify quick next steps. 

Gather Feedback on a New Product or Service

Get real time, honest feedback to ensure you are getting the most out of a new product or service. Great for honing marketing ideas or designs as well.

Find Solutions to Deeply-Rooted Issues

Anonymous structured activities, like our games, allow participants to be honest about issues where traditional meetings and check-ins leave things unsaid.

Get New Ideas or Feedback from Quiet Voice

Many team members don't feel comfortable sharing their thoughts due to fear of stigma or other reasons. Our games make it easier for unheard voices to be heard.


Add Interaction to Data-Heavy Presentations

Data-heavy presentations can be tedious and make it difficult to remember valuable information. Bring participants into the numbers with our highly interactive tools.

Better Educate on 
Perception vs Data

Highlighting perception vs actuality can be a very effective way to present an important message. Make your presentation more 'sticky' by adding a few game activities.

Shift From Literal Thinking to Abstract Thinking

Assessing group-thinking then blowing their minds with a shift in perspective will make your presentation the water cooler conversation for weeks to come.

Provide Interactive

Every presentation provides solid examples. Allowing participants to take part in the discovery of those examples takes this method one step further.


GoodGames offers web-based gamified activities; tools that 
businesses and organizations use to enhance ideation, solutions 
discovery, and employee engagement and wellbeing.

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